Washington State Scenery: Puget Sound environmental research boat
Environmental Consulting Services: Wetland Delineation, Mitigation, and Buffer Reduction and Averaging Plans
Mike Layes is a Professional Wetland Scientist (#2157) certified through the Society of Wetland Scientists.
Mike Layes is a Wildlife Biologist with almost 20 years professional experience.

Environmental Consulting Services

ACERA Statement of
Qualifications (pdf)

Wetlands, Streams and Shorelines

Fish and Wildlife Studies

SCUBA dive flag: ACERA biologists are certified SCUBA divers.

SCUBA Dive Surveys

Site Feasibility Studies

Affordable pre-purchase Site Feasibility Assessments for prospective property buyers, investors, and developers.

Washington State Scenery: stream
Washington State Scenery: wildlife

Contact us today for a competitive quote
and find out how we can help you successfully permit your project.

ACERA Statement of Qualifications (pdf)

Current Special Offer

Site Feasibility Study $500*

If you're thinking about purchasing a property, we can help you avoid buying an undevelopable or environmentally challenging property. The assessment information we provide can also help you negotiate a lower price with the seller. We can also prepare site plans for sellers needing to assure buyers that their property has a developable building envelope.

*Sites under 1 acre within one hour of Olympia.
Ask us for a competitive quote if your site is larger or requires more drive time.

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Advanced Concepts in Environmental Regulatory Assistance

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